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tv   [untitled]    April 9, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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grief a year on russia joins together with poland to commemorate the plane crash which killed the polish president and many of the country's political elites. also in the program a group of african leaders are heading to libya to try to use the conflict between the government and rebel strange so draws ever more fire over blunders and its military operation as we report. on the world without the dollar top economist gather to discuss where the global economy is heading and the role of the merging countries.
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good morning from moscow my name's kevin owen it's one am here this is the r t news channel the top story it was a fatal flight that killed the president of ninety five others morial services have been taking place again since the plane crash in western russia that claimed the lives of polish lead elected should skid many top officials had been on the way to a commemoration ceremony for the victims of the one nine hundred forty tarted massacre carried out by stalin secret police he. was at the crash scene. it was a day to remember solemnly here in smiley and i tell a geisha not over a hundred people mostly reality of some of the victims of the catastrophe gathered at the sites where the polish to police one fifty four lead crashed a year ago carrying the president live chickens keep his wife maria and maybe other
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of the country's political and military elite else is a the current polish president's wife on the come out also how did the delegations polish delegation in the big. there was a flower laying ceremony here at the size of the plane crash and there was also mass observed here and then they had it to the car the massacre site only some old money five kilometers from here is very important to remember what was the part really behind the tree actually never happened so the polish high ranking officials last year that was to cover it something which carried huge emotional scars for the people of poland of the massacre but twenty two thousand polish officers the country's elite were slaughtered by stalin secret police and covered at the beginning of world war two and to take up in is a symbol of a double tragedy for the polish people now law schools dignified handling of the catastrophe aftermath has been very well received by the people of poland but
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a year on differences over the best a geisha is findings opened up between moscow and warsaw and they're not likely to have a quick fix april seventh twenty turn in the spring sunshine putin and. on are victims of the massacre many find it hard to believe as a two hundred years of mutual amity between russia and poland had been washed away with tears. but crushed tears were to fall on the sword just three days later the whole polish nation was sent in to be their president government religious leaders and other members of the country's elite gun being has become a symbol of two polish tragedies and while the first we can judge only from history books the second unfolded in front of us almost broadcast in real time the plane
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catastrophe showed our generation of russians and poles those who didn't witness the second world war how do you still suffer i'm not tragedy. there was however a twist of irony it was these new catastrophe that healed many of the wounds of the past the symbolic heart was just the beginning a year of unprecedented joint work to find the cause of the crash although my experience with the russian investigators has been very good there are very high quality organization there is no question about this the commander the captain of the polish aircraft is to blame for this tragedy. the facts though were hard to take for some the investigation was beginning to take on political overtones with attempts in poland to push the blame on to russia this report is a joke for poland exploiting the submissive and shoot of the government is going to risk my claim my claim my accusation and i would
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a person ask that question to traffic converse a wider where not so hard to press cruel the transcript of the palace last words show there were multiple warnings from the russian air traffic controllers not to land in the talk and so had to reserve their guilt they couldn't for be the plane from landing work because that would have been against international aviation law poland disputes russia's findings and it's holding its own investigations that diplomacy and politics should not hamper the investigation of facts for us facts are the most important of history suggests russia and poland may take their time to settle their differences especially against the background of a tragedy that such a high price was paid for the recent reconciliation if even skeptics realize it would be a shame for it to be tainted once again by division and scapegoating extending the
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great chill by our teeth but the smiley and screech and. efforts of better relations with moscow was so were marred by a political struggle within poland that is the view of professor. spoke english from the university in an expert on russia and eurasia. after the kind of frequency of years and was thought it over on the decision for instance to have the inquiry together to accept from the russian side to move more intensively the question of corruption and so on and so on and the relation has been hijacked by cornish internal policy and that's why i think the main problem it has nothing to do with for sure it was basically a fight for poor work inside poor and of course as you know very well when you have a difficult electoral campaign and when you have political forces well videos are going to speak as fiercely thoughts from the brother of the former presidents towards the prime minister to ask you how just what you can foreseen it means of
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the tragedy was used to sit up one was too soft on russia and for the other part watching news of the brotherhood kaczynski to be from the heart and are digging constantly input into a kind of paranoia thoughts. just like you know there continue across this weekend the reporting say reset to bring you special coverage of the commemoration ceremonies will be looking at how both poland and russia are coming together to remember the tragedy and how the details of the crash came to light at the time. this is. something really. what you want to get counsel. we bring you our special coverage here. in a place already synonymous with tragedy the world witnessed the disaster that left a country devastated. but united nations great.
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question. the libyan leader colonel gadhafi has appeared in public for the first time in five days he was shown on state t.v. and spoke to a school because of a triple group of him around the west of slogans while a group of african leaders are heading to libya in attempts to beat a conflict between government action and another developing story british warplanes of its seven pro-government times u.k.'s biggest firms are very serious popularity wave among the rebels of recent years drug from their position. in the street as the latest. nation's leadership over its military operations here in libya are coming under more and more fire for being ineffective and for creating mistakes it is now nine days since nato took over command of military operations here and in the last week alone we've witnessed two separate nato air strikes that have left in
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total more than twenty opposition fighters did and several dozen injured now as you can well imagine the tensions here are running high particularly because the major secretary general why will grating the loss of life has not come out and said that he is sorry for these airstrikes essentially what nato is arguing is that i was not aware that the rebel forces were using tanks prior to these airstrikes and medical stock fighters for me and now we're in a very different argument coming from the rebel commanders they said that they didn't notify major beforehand that they had some twenty tanks in a position and that they were moving to the front line around the city of baghdad here a little bit towards a break with those tanks and also seen a lot of questionable why nature was not aware that the rebel fighters had a chance because there has been footage circulating now for weeks of showing these opposition fighters with heavy weaponry that includes tanks and the other argument that nature is putting forward is that the situation on the ground is extremely fluid it says that the frontline keeps seesawing forwards and backwards that is
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a constant flow of heavy machinery of tanks and it's the coming so difficult for them to. to tell who's who on the ground now for days now we have been witnessing a demoralization and mung the opposition forces and that is now turning into anger they say that nato is not doing enough it's making a lot of mistakes and it's also neglecting its operations here they said that they do not understand why nato has not been able to convince the duffys forces from advancing something one hundred miles into the rebel territory and that is true because right at the moment his forces are holding the at their hands in terms of fighting on the ground. with the latest from the libyan capital i spoke earlier to lawrence davidson he's a professor of middle east history at west chester university of pennsylvania he told me that if nato isn't turning to help the rebels its tactics need to change all the operation is set to end in disaster as he sees it. if the goal.
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were it's to facilitate the victory of the rebels. to protect civilians and i suspect that regime change was in fact a goal then they haven't succeeded and they're not going to succeed unless they can turn the rebel force into a viable fighting unit. can take one of these already if they can because they all made it past i think there's a lot of confusion and when you get a computer like. you have even on the ground in libya you're going to certainly push. so i think in the near future unless someone can take this inherent you the americans or the french or british or whoever most somebody can take this in hand i think in the near future you're going to see a lot of name calling and finger pointing. and it's going to get really
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embarrassing. change of subject ahead in the program we ask whatever happened to the space race. see it it's too expensive there's nothing more to do in outer space well as those more to do but is it worth doing is humanity to trouble right now for down the worth of problems to care about the financial financial the final frontier anymore the residents gauging reaction to that more clearly than the also the pipeline that's in the pipeline we travel to see firsthand the progress of the construction of new street project that's promising to transform energy ties between russia and. major financial players from around the world discussing the future of the global economy at the historic venue of bretton woods in the united states the event hosted by billionaire philanthropist george soros is exploring what role of emerging powers will take in a new world economic order loyalist has been covering the conference for us. we heard u.k. former prime minister gordon brown at lunch she addressed the crowd talking about
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the role of bric nations brazil russia india and china their growth as ours in the globe and how this needs to be addressed and needs to be global governing bodies need to adjust to this if the west in europe and the united states are not going to decline he said he says the rise of these nations mean that europe in the united states will decline said what all depends on how they adjust if they're able to change your free will to invest more in education in science but he did say that this is going to take reform and so one pointed out that the emerging economies the bric nations are kind of the ones i point at a conference where many people are talking about what needs to change in terms of the western banking reforms monetary tools and the u.s. dollar as a reserve currency some of the ideas of some of the gas that we've heard from involve more of a state role in capital markets the financial crisis being there evidence that that
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didn't work there's a lot of concern that too big to fail still exists that being stood still. bring down the system and create another crisis if that or rules aren't in the place there is not a lot of confidence from any of the guests here that i've spoken to that dodd frank or the basil rules go far enough so that's another issue another concern is over the you as i mentioned the u.s. dollar is the reserve currency and in fact words laura said that other currencies it no longer really are friends these are feeling not roll as well the euro being one of diversification of currencies and something that was really blamed on although nobody really knows the alternative is a number of factors in the us economy and a debt to g.d.p. ratio that's really grown and it's i guess i spoke to earlier is that he attributes that in large part to bailing out this thing bailing out wall street and not the public which has just hurt revenues in the united. further and further into that something that we didn't see dealt with as right here in the united states we saw
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the government barely avert a shutdown and we saw them essentially only cutting thirty eight billion dollars from the budget which is nothing more than one trillion dollar deficit so really didn't tackle the deficit or debt issue at all people are concerned about me on any party's laura list of their those would mention the conference of bread which is being led by george soros is institute for new economic thinking to robert johnson spoke to us he said that the first thing the financial elite should do is to restore public trust in the system. i do not think people trust the government after the financial bailouts i do not think they trust experts at large because we have to take that seriously and we have to grow out of regaining the trust the common stuff to look at themselves in a kind of a sentence or they embrace that kind of social responsibility very frank in school the expert on principally concerned about the united states which is that similar to the old system the middle class in the united states is compressed they're
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experiencing what you might call a social graph. with three percent most are doing very very well almost all of the gains from one thousand nine hundred ninety the present perhaps more than one hundred percent it's gone to the top one percent and that's just not that's not sustainable and that is not inspiring of trust people can take what you might call a look at your ideas you argue ology the proof of the pudding is in the eating when everybody makes a lot of experts seem to espouse their point of view we're not taking care of the entire society and you all are doing trust and so you start reflecting the interests of everyone. and it's more on the conference at bretton woods on a website or t. dot com there is well you can also check out the latest from our washington bureau there you'll find indeed why some experts said please america is facing a revenue crisis is us corporations are finding tax loopholes overseas to squirrel away their profits also in line slice it out see it's all caught on funded by the
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computer hackers hacked off with the state of the game straight find out why they're taking on sony right now in its best selling playstation. also what it is that we can so i guess we've never had that a bit in the mix is that a recipe for special cosmic to mark the fiftieth anniversary of your garden for the first man in space to know what it tastes like recipes only you can see for yourself how to make a good guard. but more than a thousand kilometers in length from the seabed it's been dubbed as one of the most ambitious marine projects ever russia's nord stream pipeline which is rapidly nearing completion will provide western europe with a new level of energy security r.t.c. go grosvenor went to the construction site the gates of progress. might look like
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common in middle of a muddy building site but because i me is a key point and one of the most ambitious engineering projects undertaken anywhere in the world over the last few years to the point which you can see just going into the ground and then out to see behind me is the north stream pipe as the world's longest underwater gas pipe at the world's thickets pipe and it's also one operating under the most pressure it's a flagship project for russia it was mooted for over ten years before construction but actually beginning here going to cost over seven billion euros at least i see a black president. proving it is capable of initialising in carrying out such large scale projects taking part in all the phases starting from moodily constructing and operating. this is no ordinary methyl it's got to be able to withstand extreme conditions there thickness of the walls it's four centimeters
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it's able to not break down if there is a cold temperature of more than minus fifty also it looks kind of solid but it's actually extremely flexible it's able to swing in a range of more than a thousand meters and in fact it's at the moment this big lay down on a ship about a thousand kilometers away near the coast of germany the world's most powerful compressor station which is just one kilometer back there will be forcing the gas to go at huge pressure so you don't need any kind of other compression stations in the middle of the pipe on its way to realize ation the north stream project faced a lot of objections now one type of objection was from vajra mentalists those in sweden and finland to have the country through the seabed to which the project will go through we're worried about the impact of the project undersea bad and also what might have happened if any kind of cyclic emergencies while in this respect gazprom under contract has not only gone and done everything to make sure that there aren't
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. nothing happened so the point would have gone a step beyond. seaboard of the baltic has been damaged already previous wars on previous pollution actually going out of their way to restore. condition the other objection was political pressure already supplies nearly a third of europe's gas which russia has started the business pipeline was going to bring a new level of security the kind of conflicts which are good transit countries with ukraine and you have half the basically held the whole of europe hostage but it demands one transit country and recent events in the arab world are playing into the hands of those behind this project with the instability that. needs north stream more. r.t. to go out of reporting and. news stories now and at least two people have been killed in clashes in egypt true for the ruling military kyra troops are on firing live ammunition into the descended on talia's square to disperse protests
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demonstrators angry over a lack of democratic reform to respond. tens of thousands of people taking to the streets of madrid to protest against the basque separatist group demonstrators are demanding that anyone linked to the party be banned from running for public office it comes in response to the organizing legitimising its political wing of the temple push pro you can see the office. in japan a steel wall and friends are being installed run the fukushima nuclear plant to prevent more radioactive water leaking into the pacific ocean the operator tepco has been criticized by the fishing industry or maybe in south korea the dumping low level radioactive water into the sea meantime tepco says it will start to transfer highly radioactive water from reactor number two on sunday we're keeping a close story. a gunman killed six people injured fifteen in a shooting rampage and he ran through a shopping mall randomly firing automatic. before turning the gun on himself it
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comes just a week after another shootout in the same town where two people were killed and two . russians preparing to celebrate mankind's first foray into space just as the u.s. retires its iconic space shuttle fleet with no replacement inside a resident takes the streets of new york next to find out just what happened to america's space missions. this month marks the fifth year anniversary of the first human cast not yuri gagarin to advert fly into space so whatever happened to the space race this week let's talk about that are you proud that man once walked on the moon. my proud that man was walked out of my proud that man once across the atlantic ocean and failed america i think it's it's a good thing for people who for mankind to do new things and explore and learn no
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one cares and i'm going into space is that sad you know i think we've done it been there seen it's too expensive there's nothing more to do in outer space well as those more to do but is it worth doing if you don't think it is i don't know why it why did it why the culture used to think it was so important and now are like there been there ten being here barriers for thought we you know we've got all barriers now we've got our boundaries it's just too expensive you don't think the people living on another planet would be breaking a boundary well it would suppose that far too many problems on the earth now to be even thinking of a special space put weren't there just as many problems back than. perhaps there were. just so used to a. television. cinema. just shows or space all the time so it doesn't seem to be so spectacular anymore i think it was it was a new a new or new presidency and who administration you know everything was new so but
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that's kind of what else our man right so sure what must be a great time for him to stay let's really explore it would be something better than nothing he'd see that happening no knowledge of him no barfield bamma should do what john f. kennedy did start a whole new space will groom really get out there really for the more more zoom you know we're not. do you think that people would be into that as much as they were back in the day or are they too into the internet and facebook. oh no these are largely was a hoax or fees we're going to know so what changed that we used to focus on and now we don't seem to care and don't know about technology we understand a lot more about the universe through. telescopes and other resources so but we haven't been to mars but we know with there are a lot of ways we haven't you know time travels no we haven't but how do you know that's even possible until you try to speculate i guess but i will say why are we
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more focused on things like the internet and facebook because we're dumb yourselves down i'm not you're one of those people that believe man in space with their hopes the bottom line is that no matter what happened to the space race we can always say that we did take that one giant leap for mankind. this is artsy international group casting from moscow around the world thank you for choosing us for your news it is much appreciated my name's kevin o. and it's now one twenty five am here in moscow a program to continue very shortly about his adventures in central russia coming your way after a recap of our main news stories about four minutes time. memory
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space is the backbone of our national security there is no substance and there is no alternative to military dominance in space. the bombs on target china bell mum cultural bows and much will you are able to look through space ship she can get
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a. good frame down the film has a book out her. and we must. be. several hundred. years of investment in the peaceful uses of barter space. on this incredible investment from the united states and from the european union to canada other countries like business all this stuff is completely in jeopardy if you start putting weapons in outer space. when the news is not enough. when it's something really crucial. when you
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want to get down some prostitute. we bring you our special coverage here on in a place already synonymous with tragedy the world witnessed another disaster that left a country devastated. and united two nations in grief. first question more on the potty. for. the russian military soon which bryson if you know about someone from feinstein christian. who threw stones on t.v. dot com. we'll.
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bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've gone to the future of coverage. more news today violence is once again flared up the flame these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china for asians are rooted a. mum.


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